About me

Hi everyone, my name is Ilaria Vigo and I am a Travel Coach

But before I explain what this means, I’d like to tell you more about me.

I was born in a family of travelers, teachers and inventors.
My great
greatgrandfather toured Europe in search of new ingredients and spices to include in the confectionaries he produced in his small factory in Genoas old town.

My parents never stopped traveling and shared this passion with me and my sister, taking us on many journeys from a very young age.

I was just 11 years old when we went on a trip that marked my life forever, an exploration of northern India, spending nights wherever we happened to be, from a house-boat in Kashmir to a mud hotel in Leh, a pilgrim tent in Amarnath and, last but not least, a hotel with stone beds and painted sheets in Delhi. Visiting temples and playing with local children who were to become monks, holy men lining up to treat my sister’s altitude sickness, the wide open spaces of the Himalayas… All of this shaped the person I am today.

After a 4-year Masters course in Gestalt Coaching, I combined my passion for traveling with my new skills as a coach and created a new way to experience travel coaching: Lilaland©

The LilaLand method allows you to experience a journey within a journey”,– traveling with your coach to new places and meeting new people, while unlocking your potential to achieve your personal objectives.

One of the strangest things I’ve done?

Attended a Kava ceremony in Fiji as the only woman admitted to the ritual.

A few year ago, a deep crisis, a latent depression that led me to question once again the meaning of life. I asked myself “ What does happiness really mean to me?”

The answer was: Traveling!

This realization kicked off a movement of creation of a reality allowing me to make my dream true: be a full-time traveler and give new meaning not only to my own life but also to the life of those people I would meet through my trips.

I learnt about Gestalt in 2013 and since then it has inspired me to create what you are seeing now as LiLaland but this is another story that you can discover on the webpage dedicated to Travel Coaching.

life can be a pleasant, unexpected journey.


What is LiLaLand?

When you traveling in Travel Coaching, the sum of experiences creates a panorama much larger than simple addition.

1+1 does not make two but rather 3, or perhaps 4, 5, 6….

The reason is because the experience is focused on changing perception rather than reality.

LiLaLand was born from a combination of two words Lila + Land that combined create a project capable of accommodating a new vision of travel and its potential.

Thus Lila from Sanskrit “game of life” and Land from English “Earth” combined can be translated into a journey of discovery of the world and oneself through play.

Playing is serious business.”

Through play we can from an early age explore ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our limitations and at the same time discover what our relational skills and coping skills are in life.

LiLaland therefore invites us to keep playing and do so especially by using travel as a playground.

The places we go to become the space where we can be inspired or get in touch with parts of us that “play” hide-and-seek.

The tools that are provided during the trip are like the rules of a game in which to experiment.

The presence of the travel coach accompanies the players to enhance what they are experiencing so as to extrapolate new potentials.

Thanks to these three aspects, the feeling that accompanies the end of the trip is precisely that of having experienced a great adventure with fun and lightness.


After completing my training at the Gestalt Coaching Academy with Gabriele Baroni, the LilaLand project was born. Here is what I have specialized in over the years:

The trips I took

Now let me ask you a question:

What was the vacation you remember most fondly?
What secret ingredient did it have?

Probably one of the answers is:

I felt perfectly comfortable! Right?

My dream in the drawer

LiLaLand was born from the desire to be able to create a travel mode that can accompany people to explore their uniqueness using the world as a playground.

There is always a way to be happy

Starting with this phrase, I want to reveal my dream in the drawer, that of accompanying people to reclaim their happiness.

In travel coaching, one of the first things you learn from traveling is to value your uniqueness through the ways. Each of us has our own unique way to be happy. There is no prefabricated way to duplicate, and that is what makes our life journey truly unique.

I dream that all people who will travel in Travel Coaching can rediscover their magic, re-activate their eyes of wonder, and re-build their inner compass.

With these three pieces, life becomes a unique journey in which every unexpected event becomes a new adventure to be experienced.

Are you ready to be happy?

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