There are journeys, and then there are journeys with Lilaland in Travel Coaching!

Before departure I was thinking about a beautiful trip to Ireland, an unforgettable trip that I had dreamed of for years. I was counting the days until my departure. And that day came, but it was not as I imagined it, you cannot imagine the happiness I felt, the beauty I saw, the smells I smelled, the extraordinary sense of freedom, of union with nature , of friendship, of sisterhood. I, in a sense, am still on the journey because that happiness I still feel. It is not a journey that ends with the return, you carry with you, inside you, all those sensations that you felt and you feel that the path you traveled will belong to you forever as a precious and indestructible gift.

Thank you Ilaria
Until the next trip!


Viaggio in Travel Coaching LIVE " Viaggio Magico in Irlanda" Luglio 2022

The word that comes to mind is gratitude:-)

Traveling with you has been like traveling through time, there is something special about you: You guided me to the discovery of myself without I realized that time stretched out.

An unforgettable and very long journey to discover the things that make me feel good.

  • Cheerfulness

  • Meditation

  • Slowness

  • Sharing

It was really a pleasure to meet you and thank you for calling us from your book.

Thank you for calling Rossella along with me 🙂 .

See you soon, a hug


Viaggio in Travel Coaching " Viaggio Magico in Irlanda 2022

A new way of traveling made of sharing and discovery.

I chose to take this trip with much perplexity since I did not know my future companions and had only made telephone contact with Ilaria thanks to a dear mutual friend.

However, the ‘meeting with the travel coach was so reassuring and positive that the choice became impromptu, immediate and natural. And so I decided to go.

There are many important words to describe this journey, I begin with sharing.

The rituals of the meetings in the morning before leaving and in the evening to close the day were occasions to get to know each other, to discover each other, to grow together, to laugh, to get excited, to find in the other a bit of self. Moments I remember with much pleasure and nostalgia.

The other word is Scotland: wonderful land, silent, with crazy weather and intense colors: cold,hail ,sun, snow all in a moment. Land that can surprise you with magical scenery, a sequence of castles, moorland, cliffs, ocean, green hills and a silence and peace that envelops everything. The other word is joy after so long, so much light-heartedness and laughter.

And then Ilaria: a world of sympathy, strength, sweetness, insights, understanding, helpfulness and magic. With her things happen without realizing it, naturally and ironically.

Thank you Ila for an unforgettable trip, for giving me some wisdom, an “elixir” of good life, a lot of lightness and a lot of healthy laughter.

Simona B.

Happy Scotland, Happy You

From this journey I have learnt one very important thing: I can, if I wish, always find my way back to me. With all that this means.

The looks, the words, the directions shown to me by my two travelling companions made me realise this.

Yes, because on a journey the magic comes from always being in this ‘space’, which is guarded by those who are there with you.

And especially by those who are there, just a step away, ready to support you should the sensations be so strong that they make your head spin. And then you are not afraid, you hope that your head spins! And turn again, and then again!

And everything seems there to make this happen. The expanses of green meadows and purple erika, the noisy ocean waves and the starry sky of a clear night.

All this always brings me back there, to relive those emotions, to hear those laughs, to warm myself in those embraces and it is so easy to go back. And it is in that moment that I know I also find my way back to myself.

Thank you Ilaria, for teaching me this magic

Camilla Canepa

Viaggio Il Giardino Segreto

Why did I choose to travel in Travel Coaching from home?

I combined my need for independence with my desire to share new experiences with a group, and explore places and myself at the same time.
My first trip was Scotland but today I want to tell you about my experience of doing it online!

I was traveling for work at the time and joined the trip called Insight Ireland with the new opportunity to follow the real journey through social media.
“Insight Ireland” was an anchor or … better … a lighthouse (!) to which I used to return, during those busy days.

I am grateful for the lightness, magic, beauty and fun that Ilaria can bring. Even from a far distance. it was a trip within a trip for me!
Since I was in Ireland for work I was able at a later date, to experience in person some of the places we “used” during the workshops; other days I followed the journey using the places I was in but using the tools and clues Ilaria had given us in the morning, making the most of the places around me.

The places became like doors into my inner world. So … I can be the waves crashing on the Giant’s Causeway, be the grass on Tara Hill, or one of the stones in Knowth. E .. Once I return home … they are with me forever, I can get flashbacks and messages from those places even days, or weeks … seven months after my trip.

Places and memories have become part of me and my change.
My purpose during the trip changed many times, but eventually returned to the first, original one, like in a circle. I myself have changed, I feel I am more me , I have gained a “slower,” simpler and tastier life . . Even working has become lighter, and my purpose is clearer now.

I am manifesting a life that is closer to my truth.
I would call this journey … “A juicy and fruitful exploration.”

Now every time I eat strawberries, I connect to my favorite cliffs and the voice in my “backstage” saying that my dream was impossible, somehow gave way to confidence and new plans and dreams!

Why would I advise people to travel in the coaching experience?
Uhmmm.. I wouldn’t recommend it: it makes your trip unforgettable; but the worst gift .. is that once c you’re back home, even your daily “routine” won’t be the same.

Your whole life is in danger of turning into a constant, surprising, wonderful journey … so, I recommend, don’t do it! laughter.

And then Ilaria: a world of sympathy, strength, sweetness, insights, understanding, helpfulness and magic. With her things happen without realizing it, naturally and ironically.

Thank you Ila for an unforgettable trip, for giving me some wisdom, an “elixir” of good life, a lot of lightness and a lot of healthy laughter.

For me your trip was all that.

Until the next … I hope very soon!

Giulia S.

Viaggio Online

Hello to you, I won’t waste any time and introduce myself, my name is Luana, I am originally from Lake Maggiore, but I am a child of the World, I have always had a passion for travel, in particular for ‘NoLimits’ journeys, those journeys in which you live strong experiences, where every time you push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Since I met Ilaria, our acquaintance intensified and refined to the point of manifesting itself in an authentic friendship and I began to follow her in her new life project, “Travel Coaching”, initially through social networks and the testimonies of the first travellers, and then I chose, YES, I “CHOSE” and I made my first “Travel Coaching” trip with destination “Crete”!

I felt the call to that land was mine, it had been a long time since I had given myself a trip of my own, I was longing for a bit of breathing space, for wonders and simply to find myself happy on a journey, or rather a journey called Love, because on a Travel Coaching journey the first journey is within you!

Because travelling with Ilaria is a drug !!!

She is a fun, gentle, harmonious, feminine and at the same time solid coach!

She is the certainty when travelling, she is there! She knows how to listen. With her I have learnt to live without judgement! and with great kindness she was able to take me by the hand and accompany me to my change, in my own way!

I have learnt to listen to the messages that places convey, I have learnt to see things that others cannot by finding the key to interpretation reflected in my story, I learnt to lose myself and then find a new me, I have played while having a lot of fun, learning to lead and training myself to follow while listening.

From this journey I took home my elixir of ‘Freshness’, the awareness of how fun, educational, transformative and cool it is to travel with Ilaria as a “Travel Coach”, with much gratitude I carry in my heart a brotherly bond with other travellers and a great desire to go again!

This happened simply because I activated the choice that made me strong and ready for change!

Luana M.