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What is Travel Coaching

Travel Coaching uses Travel as a setting” (place) to generate change in people.

The Travel Coach assists and facilitates clients to:

  • Unlock your own potential to achieve the goal, on which you have chosen to work, with total ease.

  • Learn new tools that will make daily life easier and lighter.

  • Discover new resources to change the way you perceive reality.

The energy of the journey may work as a catalyst for the most incredible personal transformations. In a space where we are far from our habits and from our daily life we ​​can experience new paradigms with ease.

When on the road, it is not unusual to feel freer to manifest parts of oneself that seem to have no place in everyday life.

When traveling, it is easier to face new and unknown parts of yourself because we are predisposed to play with new roles and new ways of thinking but when returning home all that energy gradually fades into the background again.

Travel coaching helps you see more clearly what coping mechanisms you use spontaneously. It transforms everything that happens into tools and possibilities that you may tap into in your daily life. This way the journey never truly ends.

Lilaland Travel Coaching is an innovative method that actively allows you to take a leap forward in your life and in your own way of life.

Travel coaching helps you to…

Not for everyone but for those who wish to…

Travel coaching but not only

In recent years LiLaland has grown and created the following ‘roots’:

  • Travel coaching trips live, trips with the coach around Europe

  • Travel Coaching trips online, for those who cannot travel

  • Rebel Coaching, individual paths of rebellion

If you are interested in learning more…