Live, Online & VIP

Traveling in Travel coaching is an innovative experience in which your talents, resources and potential can be rediscovered in order to find a new direction or a new inner compass.

Each trip is created for you to live as your most authentic self in a protected, fun and rebellious space.

There are three ways to experience a journey in Travel Coaching

  • LIVE version: traveling with a small group along with the Travel Coach
  • VIP version: you travel individually with the Travel coach
  • ONLINE version: from the comfort of your own home and on your own time you can discover how the Lilaland © method is designed to make you take a quantum leap even within the complexity of everyday life.

When you chose a trip in Travel Coaching, you are looking for something more from life: greater clarity, a change of perspective, the courage to make a big change or simply the space to stay in touch with yourself. That taste of life that in the frenzy of everyday tends to be forgotten or taken for granted.

Each trip is designed to meet a part of you: the wildest one, the loving one, the brilliant one, the outsider and so on When on the trip, however, you are always the one who leads the journey suited to what your own needs and wants. This trip is sort of tailored suit, made to be modified on what fits best.

There are no obligations, nothing that you have to do or can’t do. Each client’s time and needs are respected in order to allow them to live that unique experience.

The Travel Coach is a facilitating element that helps you understand how to use what happens spontaneously during your journey to advance your personal goal. It will place value and bring forward things that occurred during your trip. This will allow you to chose what you really need at the end of your journey and what to “take home” with respect to your personal goals.

Viaggi Live

I gruppi di un viaggio dal vivo sono composti da un minimo di 2 ad un massimo di 4 partecipanti.

Un gruppo piccolo che facilmente creerà affiatamento e permetterà al Travel Coach di esserci al 100% nel momento richiesto.

Viaggi Online

I viaggi Online sono aperti a più persone, hanno una conduzione più snella ma allo stesso tempo molto efficace.

Come funziona?

Farai parte di un gruppo privato su Facebook in cui tutto ciò che ti servirà per vivere al meglio il tuo viaggio verrà caricato in modo da permetterti di vederlo con i tuoi ritmi.

Viaggi VIP

I viaggi VIP nascono dall’incontro tra il Travel Coach e le esigenze del cliente ovvero da ciò che desidera raggiungere (obiettivo) e dal luogo che desidera esplorare.

Ogni viaggio VIP è unico e creato su misura.