Rebel Coaching

Rebel Coaching is not a mentoring course, you will not be taught how to be rebellious, rather you will be provided with information and tools to activate your rebellious side that you are keeping hidden because of shame, fear, anger and competition.

Rebel Coaching takes inspiration from Gestalt Coaching and Travel Coaching to get you on a journey of discovery and mobilization of your resources and potential.
It is a journey of authenticity where everyone can discover that they are a Rebel in their own way, beyond the clichés and roles they play in their daily lives.
To be a Rebel you do not need to change your lifestyle but the way you see and perceive yourself. It is therefore not a question of having to fix something that is not working but of discovering that in that flaw there is actually a unique message that you are carrying.
These are cycles of individual meetings of a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 8 depending on the client’s needs. It is a path that is built together where you bring your personal goal and your story (contents and modalities) while the coach brings the tools to facilitate the resources and talents that you spontaneously manifest in the attempt to reach your goal.
To find out if this is the path for you, I have decided to give you a gift: 30 minutes of free coaching in which we could find out what goal you could achieve with Rebel Coaching.

An online light Brunch for you

30 min of Rebel coaching offered by me to discover together what kind of rebel you are.