Transformative Journeys
& Rebel Coaching

How many ways exist to be happy?

What's Lilaland

Dis-orient yourself and discover the magic of life in time of a journey

Lilaland Viaggi


An innovative experience in which your talents, resources and potential can be rediscovered in order to find a new direction or more happyness.


Rebel Coaching

Rebel Coaching takes inspiration from Gestalt and Travel coaching to take you on a journey of discovery and mobilization of your resources and potential.


I am Ilaria

I was born in a family of travelers, teachers and inventors. My great-great-grandfather toured Europe in search of new ingredients and spices to include in the confectionaries he produced in his small factory in Genoa’s old town (Italy).

My parents never stopped traveling and shared this passion with me and my sister, taking us on many journeys from a very young age.


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